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What Is An Open Space?

What is an Open Space?

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The Open Space technique allows its users  to obtain the best ideas on great topics from large groups of people in short amounts of time. Optionally, the specific topics to be dealt with can be organized into several categories. In an Open Space, attendees propose specific topics and schedule meetings to discuss these topics. An Open Space usually lasts between half a day and two days. Meetings can take place simultaneously and attendees are free to move from meeting to meeting.


  1. These meetings are open to anyone who wants to come, and there are no wrong answers or bad ideas.
  2. Only worry about what is happening right now, not about the future.

III. Meetings will start on time. This helps to overcome the lack of a schedule or agendas prior to the Open Space and emphasizes creativity and innovation.

  1. There is no need to continue the conversation once a meeting is over. This encourages participants not to waste time and, conversely, to change to another topic when a discussion ceases to be fruitful for them.


If at any time you feel that you are not learning or contributing anything, use your two feet. Go to another meeting where you can learn or contribute. No one should be in a meeting that is boring to them, only people who are genuinely interested in the topic should attend a meeting.

K-LAGAN open space

Agile Open Space

A few weeks ago the Agile Open Space was held in Caldes de Montbui, an event that provides an opportunity  to debate, share opinions, learn, and meet people with similar interests and concerns.

The event exceeded the expectations of many of those present, who were able to share knowledge and experiences, and learn about the things that motivate their peers.

Overall the event was two days full of neuronal learning with group dynamization, which allowed for the development of sociological and group skills. These were two fun and exciting days. If you choose to attend a future event, we certainly recommend that you go to an Open Space related to your passions. You will not be disappointed.

K-LAGAN open space

Written by Javier Ruiz Salvador

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