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Microstrategy Symposium 2017 (Part I)

Microstrategy Symposium 2017 (Part I)

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One more year, one more Microstrategy Symposium, this time at the very practical and prestigious World Trade Center Barcelona, sandwiched between the Rambla and the W Hotel.

I will actually begin at the end by providing the link to the Microstrategy 10.6 latest upgrades here!! This was presented to us at the end of the day but I want it to be your special treat.

After the welcome coffee and sumptuous pastries, we all settled down for «La Bienvenida» opening by  François Cadillon, Vice President UK&I – South EU and Miguel A. Arribas, Sales Director Microstrategy.

Reminding us of the 3 core assets of this tool, the Traditional Reporting capabilities, its continuously Evolving Mobile delivery, Cloud Admin and Revolutionary technology like Digital ID and Telemetry.


After which, the agenda for the rest of the day unrolled as follows:

MicroStrategy Keynote by our smooth multiple device operator, Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman of the Board, and CEO MicroStrategy.

In the below Projection, Michael is showing us how he conducts his Fortnightly meetings with the senior operations personnel using tactile screens and dynamic visualizations of Microstrategy Operations, Sales or any other Real-Time metrics they choose to see at any given time.


The first bit of great news came with the announcement that Microstrategy were now offering 40 Hrs of FREE training to anyone interested!!  Hands-on experience was not going to be an issue because Microstrategy Desktop is also completely free to download and install.


Michael also allured to the thought that the trend of consuming BI was rapidly transforming; the next generation BI was integrated into an Organisations existing Communication Channels, and for this reason Microstrategy had developed and released a new JSON API to allow developers to easily embed it seamlessly within company websites and media distributions.

You will notice the personal touch, showing slides in local dialect this year!


Another very welcome announcement came in the form of Amazon integration… as setting up Microstrategy on Amazon Web Services (AWS) was now a reality!! Cloud BI has never been so easy it seems as you can now shop-and-go extra Intelligence Servers, extra Memory and any Cloud related service but more flexible than ever. Full workshop available online.

The full presentation was packed with information regarding current and future functionalities.

Click on above link to see it.

Michael then went on to explain which were the seven opportunities available to consultants and end-users willing to work with Microstrategy in 2017 and beyond…


The presentation eased to an end with a bit of fun by demonstrating the new Usher two-way Communications Upgrades. The new Usher features included mass broadcast of optional Transaction Services to be answered in real-time by your target Usher users. The audience in the Symposium on that day clearly voted for «pop» music taking the most votes in the room with «Reggeaton» taking a reasonable share of the votes and «band» music coming last.


The first Customer Speaker of the day was Maria Teresa Fernández from Altadis introducing: The Mobility project in Altadis: «Adding commercial value».

I must confess that I did glaze over this first talk due to the infamous product of this organization, and being a father of 4 myself, I’m not a big fan of the tabacco industry.

Followed swifltly on by another Microstrategy customer, José Angel Martin, responsible for the Suez Group BI projects and Alejandro Sánchez (BI Director Everis), presenting their application of MicroStrategy as a Rate Simulation Tool.

business intelligence

 Existing customers include:

business intelligence

This particular project, (AquaCIS BI) is a CRM/BI tool tailored to the water industry to perform data management and analysis with some of the biggest challenges articulately explained by José Angel (SUEZ). They shared some of the functionalities of the App which allow users to simulate comercial as well as domestic water billing scenarios.

business intelligence

The Water bills were then broken down into their distinct components and explained.

business intelligence

Finally, the technical challenges of building such an Application were discussed but basically encompassed:

Interactivity: users must be able to modify parameters to view how results change.

Performance: results must return within seconds

Reliability: The real bill is calculated through complex processes however the DWH will only contain the results and therefore some information may not be taken into account in the simulation.


Written by Stephane Rodicq

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