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How To Make A Perfume Installation Flexible And Economical

How to make a Perfume Installation flexible and economical

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Different stages of your professional career will allow you to learn new concepts and I wanted to share this experience by writing this article: “How to make a Perfume installation flexible and economical”.

To begin, some information concerning the project; both future clients and perfume formulas are unknown, by that I mean that the production department does not know how much to produce in the future nor do they know which raw materials to buy. They are therefore dependent on the marketing/sales departments effectiveness to lead to a demand ranging between 2 to 25 items required in production.

For this reason, the project engineering team opted for the ‘piggable’ pipe instead of dedicated pipes. This means that technically, the pipe installation can be flushed automatically using the pig thus leaving the system clean for differing perfume formula productions.

For a better understanding, we can use the syringe analogy where the ‘pig’ represents the black rubber stopper which pushes the liquid inside the syringe and the perfume is of course the ‘liquid’ inside the syringe. As the pig travels through the syringe (pipe), is exits at the other end leaving it almost empty (with the minimum acceptable liquid).



  • Low investment in future installations due to in dedicated installations (one pipe for one perfume), you will need as many pipes as number of perfumes.
  • The reaction time against the introduction of new perfume (raw material) is lower.
  • Piggable pipe is more expensive than “normal” pipe. You need a better installation (in terms of quality) in order the pig could move inside without incidents.

One of the success factors of this system is to ensure (to agree) with quality department, the maximum residue concentration allowed inside in order to avoid the cross contamination with other perfumes, and of course, with other recipes.

You will find attached some links as an example of piggable pipes.

Written by Alex Casademont


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