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Writer By Vocation And DevOps Engineer By Profession

Writer by vocation and DevOps engineer by profession

Alvaro Gutiérrez, DevOps technical engineer, “We are here to give it all, jump into the trenches and fight in all aspects”.

Creator of the image of our values and KLG’s “communication” award winner Alvaro Gutierrez, 31 years old, Higher Technical Certificate in Applications Development, is a clear example of a multidisciplinary person who not only develops applications .NET, but also writes and publishes a novel, dares in graphic design or creates a video game.

Since his beginnings in the IT department of Diagonal Company it was clear for him that to grow professionally he had to be ambitious. Resign himself working with an already obsolete technology would not allow him to develop his skills and discover new opportunities in the field of programming. That is why he felt very identified with the K-LAGAN’s ambition concept “be ambitious in what you do with your goals and skills, do not limit yourself and always look further, it is a speech that I liked and which encouraged me to join the project.”

He began working at K-LAGAN as a system developer with an industrial sector client, where “I discovered my place in DevOps”. “Despite finding there my professional guidance, I didn’t like the conditions that were required, so I asked to be transferred.” Since this bad experience and also because the client’s insistence on maintaining certain policies of dealing with workers, which are absolutely not in line with our philosophy, K-LAGAN decided, meanwhile, to stop working with that client. Alvaro is very pleased with the behavior received at that moment “my manager’s involvement in the whole process made me feel very valued. I was pleasantly surprised by the behavior and even more knowing how most of these kind of companies work in Spain. I was offered an alternative project with another client as a DevOps engineer where I fit in perfectly. “

Once incorporated as a consultant in the CRM department of a multinational company dedicated to human resources management, Alvaro can fully engage in DevOps technical development, that as he explains “is a cross position, collaborate to everything and with everyone, pushing to ensure that all projects succeed. It’s an exciting world but at the same time it demands a lot from oneself.” Dealing directly with the client, also demands to be continuously alert, by solving bugs that may arise in the day to day “We are here to give it all, jump into the trenches and fight in all aspects”.

His restless and committed spirit, encouraged him to participate in the Contest of Values organized by K-LAGAN in the spring of 2014. Surprisingly, after the suspension of the contest due to lack of participation, Alvaro emailed us expressing his regret about the end of the contest because he considered: “it was a very good and fun initiative and besides I already had made a sketch to represent the four company values.” The sketches that Alvaro sent perfectly reflected the essence of each of the values, so he was encouraged to finish its design. He surprised us with a fantastic result of 4 posters in minimalist design and with play of three shades of colors by which he feels very satisfied “With few knowledge of illustration, I managed to finish them in 3 months, being very happy with the result. And it is a pleasure to see them right now in the K-LAGAN offices and to feel that I am part of the company’s image.”

The degree of Alvaro’s involvement not only in competitions, but also with all the activities organized by K-LAGAN, made him deserve the KLG’s “Communication” award. An unexpected distinction for him but he thanks very much: “collecting the award standing in front of all colleagues during the Christmas dinner, that’s when I realized how the company had grown and the power that it is behind it, and how humble I felt being honored in front of all those people, although it may sound paradoxical.”

Asked by his opinion about the solidarity activities undertaken by the company, Alvaro emphasizes “I feel very aligned with KLG in these initiatives that have added value to the daily grind of work and which the company is not required to organize. However, reinvest the profit made by the company in acts of solidarity and volunteering is an effort to appreciate as a worker.”

The technical side of Alvaro as a computer engineer is complemented by a more humanistic part which is handwriting. He says his vocation has always been to be a writer “it has always burned inside me the need to write,” but, in order to “not to let myself starve I had to embrace technology and become a DevOps engineer” he jokes. With an already published novel, “El corazón de la nación” and countless short stories written and published in some magazines, like the two stories of science fiction, “El ingenio ícaro” and “El jardín de la relojería” published in the Valinor magazine, Alvaro is forced to continue the pace, continue to write, and he is already going through the sequel to his first novel.

Knowing Alvaro’s vocation for writing, recently we have proposed him to join the corporate blog K-LAGAN, which we launch the coming weeks. He agreed to join immediately because he considers it “a perfect joint initiative that will give many echoes to the company and will help strengthen our online image and begin to become a benchmark for knowledge.” Both creative and technical writing are for him “two excellent ways to communicate and get on with my love of writing.” “Everything I write I love, I believe it is essential being involved in what you say and how you say that to transmit it well.”

Finally, we asked Alvaro by a curiosity we found in his Linkedin and what surprised us even more considering his multidisciplinary profile: the development of a video game in 24 hours. “This is a challenge that I self-imposed to get a job, because in my beginnings I even wanted to be a game developer, but in the end, despite the effort and getting the job, I rejected it because I didn’t like some of the conditions.” “Since then I think anything I set my mind, I can get it,” he says convinced but without wanting to sound arrogant.

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