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Congratulations, you have got the job you wanted so much!

The first day of work has arrived. You feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Someone from Human Resources takes you to the department which you will form a part of, you greet your colleagues and you find your seat. From here on in, what the company does and the welcome you receive in the next few hours may mark the beginning of a long-lasting, trusting and profitable relationship or, simply, the beginning of the end.

When an employee joins a company, they do so in a state known as the honeymoon period, given the excitement, the enthusiasm and the willingness to fully collaborate that comes with them. It is a sensitive time for the person, who feels both nervous and uncertain, so being there for them and making them feel comfortable at all times, is important. Therefore, accompanying the employee in their first steps is essential for them to feel at home. Their motivation, their commitment, their productivity will be natural consequences of their well-being in the company and with the team.

There are many ways in which someone starting a new professional adventure can be helped.  This will depend on, among other things, the culture, sector, structure and/or resources that the company may have available.  Below you will find some ideas:

Signing of the contract: this will give them peace of mind and transmit the seriousness of the company.

 Information about the company and their internal function: you can explain the company’s mission, vision and values, the organisational chart and the products/services, as well as the training plan; the evaluation tools, the work schedule, and social benefits, etc. All this is a lot of information to take in, if you can summarise it in a booklet, your new colleague will be grateful.

 Welcome Pack: is always well received. Office material and, in addition, a mug, a t-shirt, a corporate calendar… there are many options to choose from.

 Office tour: it is important that they know the location of each Department and find out who make up the different teams and vice versa. They will probably not remember all of their names, but they will know where to go when the need arises.

 Back in their own department: their manager takes the reins; they will start getting to know the rest of the team and their workplace.

 Lunch with the team: it is the first day; they aren’t sure whether you eat out, if its custom to bring your own lunch, they will be feeling a little lost. A good idea is for either the team manager, or the whole department, to accompany their new colleague to lunch.

 Manual processes in the department: by showing them these you will be one step ahead and can resolve many of the doubts they may have.

 Mentor: for the first 2 or 4 weeks. Someone to act as a reference point to guide them, someone who can go to clear up any doubts, and who they can learn from to manage their work in the most efficient way.

By simply applying some of these ideas, the company will manage to create a positive impact in the employee’s first weeks. Their adaptation to the new environment will be more simple and pleasant. Their motivation will increase and their desire to do things right will rise exponentially. Performance and results will arrive shortly. It will be a win-win situation, the beginning of a great relationship.

After the honeymoon period, the employee enters a hit the ground running phase. With a good welcome plan, they are sure to want to continue running within the company.

Written by Robert PérezRobert Pérez

Career Development Manager

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