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We Love Our People

We love our people

K-LAGAN in 2 minutes: our identity, our values and our business model.

In just over 2 minutes we show you what K-LAGAN is. We focus on what has made us vibrate from the beginning: people. All KLG’s team: its workers, its clients and its suppliers. And we also explain you the company’s ambitious purpose: to bring a positive change to society, thanks to a renewed business model responsible with society, environment and future.

Through an illustrated motion graphic video, always focusing on the company’s brand image and colours, the speech is nimbly developed, resulting in the dynamism, clarity and closeness that we were looking for with this animated cover letter.

We encourage you to watch the video and we hope you enjoy it!

And we remind you that if you want to learn more about us do not miss to visit our profiles in the social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our Youtube channel.


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