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Three Lives, Three Passions

Three lives, three passions

Stephane Rodicq, PMO Digital Programs Manager: “My answer to combine three lives into one in 24 hours is: Communication”

The ink runs out quickly when trying to explain the professional and personal career of our KLG’s “Communication” award winner. Stephane Rodicq, at his 43 years of age, leaves quite perplexed anyone who hears him talking about his life and his three passions: electronics, business intelligence and renewable energies.

But let’s start from the beginning, because it’s true, Stephane also has one, and what a beginning! Born in Paris, his parents decided to move to Cannes shortly after birth and in this french city Stephane spent the first 11 years of his life aboard different boats and catamarans, between the glamour of the film festival. This exceptional childhood, not attending school (since it was his father who educated him) with their houses floating on the sea, would strongly mark his personality and his way of understanding and living life with open-mindedness, no strings attached and with the ability and interest to meet people and socialize.

At the age of 12 he begins a new stage of his life in England as he steps into school for the first time. Despite having to learn a new language, he adjusted to the new way of life and by the age of 15, excelled amongst the top students in the school at English!!

In parallel with his preparatory studies for the university entrance (A levels), and motivated to have a comprehensive hands-on knowledge of the physical world, he studies Mechatronics, and after obtaining an OND (Ordinary National Diploma), starts studying Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Microelectronics and Electroacoustics at the University of Brighton, graduating with honours (BEng Hons). All the while running the University Surf Club as president and working full-time (at night) as a disc jockey in the biggest clubs in Brighton.

Once his studies completed, Stephane relives his adventurous side and goes to India for six months to install solar panels in monasteries. Upon returning to England, continues his training in electroacoustics working as R & D engineer of a new range of speakers at (Harbeth) alongside Alan Shaw, the 2nd generation of BBC electroacoustics engineers led by Dudley Harwood. From this experience, which he started as a trainee, he stresses that “I was very lucky to learn from this line of pioneering engineers who developed the first studio monitors like the LS3-5A designed to replace electroacoustic speakers such as the Quad ESL57“.

His expertise in electroacoustics evolves from renting to designing audio equipment. A path that begins on wheels: “I bought a truck and started a tour around Europe with gigs in various festivals, especially in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.” That is when his hunger to learn more introduces him to the soundproofing of spaces with an audiovisual application. He moved, then, to Barcelona and collaborates with various organizations such as Otherlabs, Eslabom advising clients in the areas of sound, acoustics and electrical installations.

Like everything in Stephane’s life, one world leads to another, and electroacoustics has landed him into another of his greatest passions: renewable energies. Participating in a variety of projects related to power generation through sport. Along with other colleagues, organize a festival in Barcelona, the “Hamaka Festival” to promote the well-being and sustainability in the city, where attendees, through pedaling on the “hamakina” machine, generate enough power to allow musical bands and Djs to play. His involvement in this and other sustainable events win him, in 2010, the “Green power prize” award by the Sants City Council of Barcelona.

In 2012 Stephane returns to London to try a radical turn to his career: pushes aside the worlds of electroacoustics and renewable energies to get into the field of what will become his third great passion: business intelligence (BI). During the three and a half years at Microstrategy, he moves to Washington for a while to get certified in Microstrategy MCD Platinum Engineer.

After this period of time, he decides to return to Barcelona, to join the K-LAGAN team. “I joined K-LAGAN as a MicroStrategy consultant but with the possibility to change later to the field of electronics, electromechanical and expand my knowledge in the area of BI.” As he says, KLG offered him the chance to devote himself to his favorite universes “The fact that in a single company, I could find all my professional worlds, was what attracted me the most to K-LAGAN”.

Always active in searching and proposing new opportunities, projects and ideas, it is his strong communication skills, proactivity, motivation and willingness to always collaborate, which made him worthy of the KLG’s “Communication” award 2015. Visibly shocked hearing his name during the KLG Awards Ceremony, didn’t hesitate to say that “Winning the Communication award has been a very rewarding and exciting experience. On the one hand, recognition for a job well done gives a big boost of energy and, on the other hand, the official recognition of my efforts confirms that the contribution I have made has been very significant and appreciated, and all this leads me to want to further refine the art of being a good communicator” to which he adds “The fact that I have been given this award confirms that K-LAGAN and I share a basic philosophy: communicating with purpose and enthusiasm to achieve positive results.

Beyond the strictly professional issues, Stephane uses the different communication channels to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and curiosity. Uses social media to network and learn more about his three worlds, as he says “Generally these three worlds do not cross much”, however, he has found the solution: “My answer to combine three lives in one in 24 hours is through Communication” although he must give up other things “yes, to be as active in social networks or studying robs me of the time I am supposed to be sleeping.

It seems that with such an intense career and with so many interests and curiosities to be met, there is no place left for personal aspects like family. Nothing further from the truth. Stephane is father of three children, two boys and a girl, and from three different continents too! Reef from UK, Lhasa from Argentina and Malik from Palestine.

Becomes clear that Stephane has not wasted the opportunities that have arisen throughout his life. Professionally, he has come to know different areas and in each one of them seem to have felt very comfortable, of which he jokes “whatever I do seems to go well, which makes it very difficult to focus on one thing alone!” Why denounce anything in that case?

Being naturally comfortable at K-LAGAN, Stephane has already from his incorporation felt very identified with the philosophy of the company and since then continued to demonstrate his motivation to grow more and create more business opportunities for K -LAGAN.

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