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There Is No Challenge She Cannot Reach

There is no challenge she cannot reach

Ana Maria Garcia, purchasing and logistics consultant, “K-LAGAN’s business model enables a labor mobility and variety essential to keep you active and motivated with what you do”.

Our winner of the KLG “Client Orientation” award, Ana Maria Garcia, knows to bring out the best of all situations. Virtue that has helped her to better accept being away from home and her family every time (and there have been many) that she has travelled to other countries for work.

After a long career working in the areas of Logistics and Purchasing of different companies, Ana Maria decided to accept the challenge proposed by K-LAGAN three years ago of moving to Germany to work on a project for six months, but the stay was then extended up to two years and three months. “I had no difficulty to make the decision because at first it was for a few months and I had already lived in Germany when I was a child for five years.  Besides my German level is almost native and I had also previously worked in German companies. But it is true that if I had been asked to go there for more than two years, may I not had done it. And I had definitely been mistaken, since I am now very happy with the experience I had during that time in Germany.

Although the most extensive, it has not been the only Ana Maria’s international experience “I had to travel a lot in all jobs that I’ve been: Brazil, Italy, Germany, Poland,… because I was working with international suppliers, however I had never considered to work abroad, because I had my life and my family in Zaragoza“. Her lively and curious spirit, however, made her decide to accept the K-LAGAN’s challenge of going to work in Germany. After this experience, and her subsequent return to Spain to work on two other projects, first in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona) and then back in her hometown Zaragoza, Ana Maria feels very satisfied with the international projection and dynamism that KLG has offered her: “K-LAGAN’s business model enables a labor mobility and variety essential to keep you active and motivated with what you do. Being a very active and curious person who becomes bored with routine character, I appreciate not being in a company with the job positions parceled without any possibility of moving or growing professionally, as often happens in other companies. I believe that doing always the same task is like working in automatic mode and that, on the one hand, it turns people lazy and, secondly, it has a demotivating effect. And there is nothing worse than working unmotivated.

From each company and each project we can learn“, says a convinced Ana Maria. During the project in which she worked in Germany, was responsible for the purchases for the 20 logistics plants of the company in different countries (Germany, South Africa, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic,…) and she carried out important negotiations with sales managers of large transport and logistics multinationals. As a Project Manager working in an automotive multinational in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona) perhaps she did not develop as much her skills and the level of responsibility and internationality was not the same as in the German project, but instead, she felt more supported by her colleagues, she met more k-laganers and could also participate in the activities organized by K-LAGAN.

In her current project also in the automotive sector in her city, Zaragoza, is responsible for providing support in the forwarding of the component parts from the mother plant in Zaragoza to other plants the company has in other countries. “It is a question of negotiating good conditions, discounts on sales volumes, transportation service contracts to suppliers both generic and local and, for that, it’s better to have a good speech, know how to speak and persuade and be a good listener” says Ana María, who has fantastic interpersonal skills.

Despite missing the sea and the Mediterranean weather of Barcelona, she is very pleased to have returned to Zaragoza, to her home and with her family. And she also speaks about the other family that she has made with the other k-laganers who are working with her and has assumed the role of coordinator: “Unlike what was happening in Germany, where working is separated from personal relationships, here I feel like I’m not alone in the company, but I am part of a team to which I belong. That is why I had no trouble to assume this role of KLG coordinator when a new K-LAGAN worker becomes part of the team. Someone is needed to welcome the new members, bring them up to date to what is occurring and, at the same time, provide support to the Manager, who for evident logistical reasons cannot always be present here in Zaragoza”

For her devotion and great ability to always put the interests of K-LAGAN and the client before her own, Ana Maria has been an undeniable worthy winner of the KLG “Client Orientation” award. Even when she was in Germany she never “threw in the towel” and remained committed to KLG, with the client and the project. Receiving the award was a really big surprise that she didn’t expect “I feel a great satisfaction to see my work recognized and I thank the whole KLG team for having chosen me“.

The energy and dynamism that Ana Maria needs in the labor field, contrasts with the calm she looks for in her free time, she loses herself on reading, cinema or television series. “In my spare time I always have a book at hand, whether in Spanish, English or German, to practice the three languages. And when I’m not hooked to a book, I’m hooked to a TV series or, otherwise, I give me a break to watch a good movie in the cinema or at home with my family.”

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