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The Return Of The K-LAGAN Teambuilding Activities!

The Return of the K-LAGAN Teambuilding Activities!

The K-LAGAN team is getting increasingly bigger and for this reason this year we want to hold a KLG Activity in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia.

If we are sure of anything at K-LAGAN, it is that life is to be enjoyed. It’s not all work, work and more work, we also need to change our mindset from time to time and find some moments to relax, form relationships, have fun and ultimately, to get to know all those who make up the incredible group to which we belong.

There is no doubt that a teambuilding activity is an opportunity to improve communication, motivation and the cohesion of any team. But above all, it is a time to get to know our colleagues much better, getting away from the normal working environment and having fun.

At K-LAGAN, we’re ready to get started with the KLG Activities this year!

During the months of March, April and May, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia will host sessions in which important skills such as resourcefulness, teamwork, complicity, the ability to solve problems, leadership and creativity cannot be lacking.

The team has grown and it is consolidated in these four geographic centres and for this reason we want each group of k-laganers to have their own activity in their city. Even in Barcelona, ​​where we have the largest team, we have decided to organise 2 different activities for the teams of each Division.

We do not want reveal what the activities are yet, but what we are sure is that the teams will enjoy them very much. You will soon see it in the photos!

Stay tuned to the KLG Channel and our social networks because we will be revealing more in the coming weeks…

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