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“The Market Requires Us To Be More And More Demanding Every Day”

“The market requires us to be more and more demanding every day”

Karim Gandara, Managing Director of K-LAGAN, in the Open Session on May 19.

On Thursday, May 19, a new edition of the Open Sessions with Karim Gandara took place at our offices in Barcelona. A meeting open to all the K-LAGAN employees, in which they can ask, propose and discuss any topic related to the company with our Managing Director.

During the session, Karim Gandara had the opportunity to explain the K-LAGAN model, one which is “different, but, above all, dynamic and in which the participation of everyone is needed in giving their opinions and coming up with new ideas; because I am open to improving and developing any idea that allows us to continue getting better”.

The head of K-LAGAN reminded that 2017 is still a year of transition, in which the company is consolidating the structure of crossover areas, especially through new operation management and the intensifying of efforts in the Madrid Office and in the Engineering Division. Karim explained that “diversifying our supply, developing projects and products internally, will allow us to grow, to have more autonomy and provide more opportunities to our professionals”.

In this regard, the Project Committee is receiving the commitment of K-LAGAN this year. Through this initiative, K-LAGAN professionals have the opportunity to propose any idea or technology project that they might have. The proposal will be evaluated by a committee of experts who will decide if the proposal is feasible and, if so, the company will provide support both economically and the personnel for its development. This is the case of Yurnee, an APP developed internally and whose mobile version will be launched in the next few days.

Karim Gandara also pointed out that the aggressiveness of the market has increased in the last few months: “the market requires us to be more and more competitive every day and this has made us improve our selection process to also be more demanding with the professionals that we hire. The “Talent on demand” service has to go a step further into the companies in our sector. Therefore, at K-LAGAN, we are creating solid professional teams, who are highly qualified technically, and who also fit in with our philosophy, working in the client’s home not only to develop a project, but to create a true partnership relation, advising them and accompanying them in their growth.”

Having highly qualified technical professionals involves investing in training. Regarding this aspect, the Managing Director, explained the options of transversal and technical training offered to K-LAGAN workers and encouraged all the professionals present, to plan and propose the necessary training for their career development with their Managers and Human Resources. Without a doubt, one of the aspects which, together with close relationship, personalized professional career tracking, activities, solidarity actions, and the recently named Projects Committee, make K-LAGAN stand out on the market.

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