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“The K-LAGAN Growth Will Not Compromise Our People-based Business Model”

“The K-LAGAN growth will not compromise our people-based business model”

Karim Gandara, K-LAGAN Managing Director, during the last edition of the Open Sessions.

A new edition of the Open Sessions with Karim Gandara was held last November 17 in the K-KAGAN headquarters. At these meetings the K-LAGAN Managing Director sits down with a group of employees to answer their questions and listen to their suggestions, opinions and criticisms.

During the session, with a good dose of humor, they dealt with very different subjects including the origins of K-LAGAN and the strategy and future of the company.

“The idea of creating a company was born from the frustration of my career as an engineer”, explained Karim Gandara with humor. “I was not very good at engineering, however, I realized that I was able to help others grow and achieve their goals. I was good at it and also it filled me.”

Karim explained to those attending that he had worked for years in large and publicly traded companies and that, during that time, he had seen many policies and decisions which he did not agree with because they were at odds with what he considered that it should be a company. “Providing accounts to the shareholders at the end of the year makes the employee, in many cases, the last link in the chain. However, I am sure that another consulting and business model is possible: more human, more solidary, more open and more horizontal.”

The Karim’s illusion was to create a company with a different business model based on the win-win philosophy, where everyone wins, where if professionals grow, the company grows. Where all together, we would have more strength to educate and convince the market that we can work better and we must do it. And where money is not an ultimate goal, but a means to offer more opportunities and contribute more to society. “I am convinced that from the companies we can and, moreover, we must change the world,” he firmly says.

K-LAGAN was created as a technology consultancy. The market needs and the clients led to the creation of the engineering area, “what I have always wanted is to be able to offer more opportunities to professionals so that they can grow and evolve and, in addition, so that we can develop more solidary actions, which has led us to start a new path in the development of our own products.”

For the time being K-LAGAN has invested heavily in product development and is already working on several projects that in the coming months will allow to land K-LAGAN in the B2C.

Regarding the strategy for the coming years, Karim Gandara pointed out that “we have a plan of growth and expansion marked for the next years. I want to go where the workers of K-LAGAN want to take me, I want to hear their ideas, their aspirations, their projects,… and we get, as a team, to make them a reality. However, I do not want growth put at risk the close, personal and solidary business model that we have, because if so, I prefer that the company does not grow or grow more slowly.”

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