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K-LAGAN Celebrates 10 Years Building Its Brand

K-LAGAN celebrates 10 years building its brand

The corporate video, a new logo and a k-laganer decalogue mark the new direction of K-LAGAN’s image for the next few years.

On the occasion of K-LAGAN´s 10th. anniversary, we wanted to strengthen our image and corporate culture with the creation of new materials and the implementation of various changes to the corporate website, as well as to our activities and events.

At the beginning of the year, we presented our corporate video entitled “We love our people” and its only 2-minute track features our identity, our values and our business model.” Since then, we have incorporated small changes in design and usability into our corporate website, celebrated our summer dinners in different cities to be closer to our team of professionals, as well as created a new logo on our 10th. anniversary. We even added a humorous twist to our corporate cultural image with the k-laganer decalogue (image below)

marca brand K-LAGANWith these ten K-LAGAN commandments, we intend to highlight, in a humorous way, the qualities of the team of k-laganers, who work hard every day to contribute to the growth and, above all, to the company´s great atmosphere.

This year, our solidarity plan also makes even more sense, which as you know, is a basic pillar of our business model and is commemorated on our Solidarity Day, which occurs on the 29th. of September.

All these actions are intended to celebrate that memorable date 10 years ago, on which K-LAGAN decided to embark on an adventure without boundaries. Since then, we have continued to grow and prove to the market that another consulting and engineering business model is possible. This convinces us that each and every one who is part of this team (employees, suppliers, customers) feel proud to relate to a company which features a firm and consolidated track record.

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