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Talent As An Added Value

Talent as an added value

We often talk about strategies to attract and retain talent and how to cope with the huge demand for talent. But what really is talent?

If we look for the definition of talent, the Oxford English Dictionary describes it as a natural aptitude or skill. In the business field this definition is not suffice, because it doesn’t relate to the “added value” generation. It is important to take into account 4 factors in order to understand talent in companies:

  • Ability: knowing how to…
  • Capacity: being able to…
  • Attitude: wanting to…
  • Circumstances: that let you….

Someone with talent is a person who brings added value to the results of whatever they do, combining their abilities with their skills and attitudes; and which only occur under certain conditions and circumstances. This person goes beyond just doing a job by following a few instructions or predetermined objectives, within the set time periods in which it takes to achieve the expected results. A talented person goes further and adds value which hasn’t been considered in these standardised processes.

That is why, today, companies understand talent as the generation who add value to the work which they carry out. A person who has talent is also one that is flexible and shows empathy, who may see the same problem from different perspectives. They must know how to work in a team, have a great capacity for analysis and not be afraid of taking risks even when they lack confidence in themselves.

On the basis that we already know it works, a person with talent can generate new ideas and correct errors in addition to continue doing what works and what does not. This attitude is not necessarily innate, but it can be worked on and refined through: study and/or analysis, the exchange of ideas and methodologies, team work, effort and personal work.

Written by Radu BretónRadu Bretón

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