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Gamification Strategies

Gamification Strategies

Apart from in our free time, there is also place for fun, leisure and entertainment in the working environment. This is where gamification comes into play to enhance the motivation within the team.

Performance Appraisal

One of the aspects that characterises X, Y and Z generations, which make up more than 65% of the labour market, is the desire and need to receive feedback about their performance.
Why Not Go To An Interview?

Why not go to an interview?

The telephone rings. It is an unexpected call. On the other side, an unknown but cordial voice asks me to dedicate a few minutes. Who is this? What do they want? How did you get my number?


Accompanying the employee in their first steps is essential, their motivation, their commitment, their productivity will be natural consequences of their well-being in the company and with the team.
From The CV To The Personal Brand

From the CV to the Personal Brand

The curriculum vitae (CV) has not become redundant, neither in paper form, neither in pdf format, nor virtually. Its purpose has not changed; however, its content and design have been significantly adapted to distinguish it from its competitors.
Follow Your Employees

Follow your employees

In such a competitive and fierce business environment, it is of equal importance to be able to attract this type of employee to join your company, as it is to motivate and encourage them to stay with you.
K-LAGAN Channel

New K-LAGAN Channel

A window which opens up to the professional world, in which our k-laganers share their knowledge and our 10 years of experience in the field of consulting and engineering.
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