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Spring Electronics

Spring Electronics

Would you like to join the Electronics Department of the K-LAGAN Engineering Division?

The Electronics Department of the Engineering Division is growing exponentially, with new projects, partnership agreements and development of new technologies, which have managed to consolidate a vital and strategic department of the company.

This incredible development of the department has been possible thanks to the new leadership of José Nicolás Silva and his team of professionals, both IT specialists, as well as embedded software and hardware experts. Together they have carried out projects such as the full development of displays on board trains, trams and industrial machinery or a Test Bench for PCB using LabVIEW.

As José already mentioned in his interview, “the main differential value that we have is the multidisciplinary approach that we can bring by building teams in which IT specialists, embedded software and hardware experts come together. And seeing as it is the electronic engineering sector, which is increasingly looking for more interdisciplinary professionals that not only know about microprocessors, but also about IT (processors, systems etc.)”.

The good results and the great prospects for the future of the department requires an increase in the number of professionals in the following areas: Software Development, System Architecture or Software Application. So… why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Are you an Electronic Engineer and you are still thinking about it?

Don’t hesitate any longer! Come and meet our team, and find out about our projects and our work methodology 👉


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