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Productivity improvement

  • Cost reduction per unit.
  • Customer satisfaction increasing the level of confidence on the deliveries in order to optimize the maximum throughput.

We go with our customers through their manufacturing processes with the aim to detect or improve any bottle neck, reduce any manual operation, detect any process discontinuity or cut down any time loss.

The overall areas of actuation are:

Supply chain
Assembly processes
Testing stations

As per proof results our sharp objective is to increase Productivity of the whole manufacturing process for whatever in house or outdoor activity.

  • Suppliers in house audits. Good material reception process and incoming quality checking
  • Proposal of new portfolio suppliers
  • Reduction of standard time and cycle time, working with aspects as:
    • Automation process optimizing any manual operation
    • ReLayout of any material flow attending to one Piece Flow lean manufacturing concept
    • Design and manufacturing of test tools (bed of nails, automated test station software)
  • Product redesign to cost targeting:
    • LEAN manufacturability
    • Standard time reduction
    • BOM cost reduction
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