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Customized Display

To respond to the increasing demand for LCD display applications we can develop a custom graphic embedded system.

  • Main CPU based on high performance processors and microcontrollers
  • Dedicated supervision controller for safety purposes based on MCUs or FPGAs
  • Multiple types of external memory devices (DDR3, MLC and eMMC)
  • LVDS and RGB display interface support
  • Flexible interface connectivity (I2C, SPI, CAN, USB, ETHERNET)
  • Audio amplifier and video inputs
  • RTC with backup memory
  • Consumer, industrial and automotive temperature grade support
  • Main CPU Operating System based on Embedded Linux
  • Dedicated software for safety applications
  • Wide range of sizes (e.g. 7”, 4.3”, 2.4”)
  • PCAP Touchscreen technology support
  • 3D model PCB assembly creation to fit the customer mechanical chassis
  • Customized display development to assure compliance with EMC Directive

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