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News From Guatemala

News from Guatemala

The K-LAGAN Solidarity Week comes to an end thanks to our volunteers who participated with their maximum efforts during these days.

The news that reached us on Friday from San Mateo, the village near the city of Antigua which hosts the Prodesenh project in which K-LAGAN decided to participate during the Solidarity Week, were most encouraging.

Our volunteers, Amaya, Jordi and Toni, spent Friday trying to get more acquainted with the project. When they arrived, the person in charge, Judit, showed them the infirmary unit and the orchard with fruit trees and vegetables. Amaya reported: “There’s a lot to do, thus Toni got down to work quickly and has been cleaning and sanitising the area. They also told us that the centre had a henhouse and a pond with fish, which needed to be cleaned thoroughly.

While Toni was busy with the outdoor tasks, Amaya and Jordi started to organise and connect the computer room, so that the computers and printers could be used. Amaya confessed to us that the task was not quite as easy as they had imagined it to be and: “In the end we had to ask Toni to help, as there was no other way!!!””. Finally, on Friday, they had managed to connect half of the computers and they left the other half to be connected on the following Monday.

Jordi and Toni continued cleaning the fish pond while Amaya fought her own battle with the spiders, while putting some rooms in order.

In the afternoon, when the children arrived, they read stories and helped them with their schoolwork. After lessons, everyone got together to enjoy making soap bubbles and play games in the field.

After returning, at 7 p.m., quite exhausted, however, at the same time very satisfied, they enjoyed a great moment of laughter together.

The K-LAGAN Solidarity Week is now coming to an end and today, Wednesday, they will be back. We hope to be able to tell you about their latest adventures and, above all, their experiences in the next few days. And, in the meantime, you can see on our Facebook page all the photos of the trip!

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