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Neglected or neglected IT skills

Neglected or neglected IT skills

We had already raised the alarm about the shortage of Data skills in an article published in July. Last week, the Cité de l'AI confirmed it in a public statement addressed to 3 ministers, warning "about the cruel lack of competent Data Engineers on the labor market".

This situation, which is not specific to Data and affects all IT skills, is currently coupled with the temptation to freeze budgets, while there is talk everywhere of inflation and the looming economic crisis, precisely at the time when companies are finalizing their provisional budgets for 2023.

Less budget, fewer skills, but just as many challenges and needs.

How to solve this situation, where to find competent and motivated IT specialists at a reasonable cost?

The nearshore approach

Beyond the French pool of IT skills, other European Union countries have much to offer.

With an equivalent standard of living and education, certain regions have the potential to offer competent people at a lower cost.

With increasingly international and multilingual projects, as well as the growing demand for fully remote work by experienced IT people (who know they are needed), having a consultant working from Barcelona, Madrid, Porto or Athens, trained in the latest technologies, is no more complicated than doing it from home somewhere in France.

The Europe of talents at the service of your projects!

The offshore approach

For the most cosmopolitan companies, the implementation of a "good" offshore solution makes it possible to further reduce the cost of their IT projects, with the same level of skills.

"Good" because for this level of skills to remain the same, it is necessary to choose a "quali" offshore destination and not a "quanti" destination.

Some countries, such as India or the Indian Ocean islands, have in fact opted for a quantitative approach by offering their consultants in quantity at particularly low prices. While this approach is successful for some projects, other more strategic or complex projects do not necessarily benefit from this mass approach. Some companies have even returned from certain destinations. But one bad experience does not justify throwing out the entire offshoring strategy.

The world is much bigger.

There are other destinations that are committed to the training and experience of their professionals. Among them, a little-known destination and an under-exploited pool of skills in France is Latin America.
Latin American IT professionals are used to working with the United States and Canada, have a culture very close to the European one and have a level of training and skills in the latest technologies that is not sufficiently exploited in French projects.

The K-LAGAN approach

At K-LAGAN, we can accompany you all over France with our teams of French, Spanish and South American consultants.

We can also extend our intervention area and offer nearshore services from our European service centers. We have chosen Spain with an agency in Madrid and our Digital Factory in Barcelona, to benefit from the high level of IT and Data training offered by the universities of these two cities, which have a very strong dynamic of competences and cultural proximity with France.

And we can also work offshore from our offices in South America (Colombia, Argentina, Mexico), also chosen for the high level of IT training and the quantity and diversity of talents available, as well as the cultural adaptability to French or international projects.

We are at your disposal to review your projects and design with you the most relevant solution to your needs and budget constraints.

Your projects don't have to suffer from the crisis or the lack of available skills - it's up to you to make it happen now!

BU Director France @ K-LAGAN & @ KEREON INTELLIGENCE (a K-LAGAN Company)

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