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Now let us show you the most informal side of us because KLG is actually a very cool company where we work but also we have fun and share good times together.

In KLG we enjoy work and, above all, appreciate our workmates. We are a team of good professionals united for the same project but best of all is that we are one big family.

Every day we do our best to provide the best place to work in, where excellent specialists develop and grow in the best conditions; where the atmosphere is professional yet friendly and familiar; and where hard work always has its reward and celebration.

At K-LAGAN we all are an essential part of the same PROJECT. The project of commitment to the society in which we live and where the quality of work is impeccable.


At K-LAGAN we move, we are in a constant change and evolution, we promote good ideas and do not stop to create and develop actions, activities, projects that demonstrate our respect for people and our social and environmental commitment.


We conduct an annual employee climate survey to determine the satisfaction of our employees. The results also provide us information on our strengths and weaknesses and allow us to develop concrete actions to improve conditions and working environment.


K-LAGAN is a people-oriented company.

Our employees are especially important for us, therefore, we do not only encourage good communication networks and real career development opportunities, but we have a set of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of our workers by offering different benefits such as private medical insurance, a day off for their birthday, grants for continuing education and even support for childcare, language learning and gym.


At K-LAGAN we support good ideas and give opportunities to all our workers to fulfill their dreams or career goals thanks to the technical support, expertise and company investment.

All of the employees who have an idea, a project or a product and do not know how to carry it out or do not have resources to develop it, can present their plan to our project committee formed by General Director, Administrative, Financial, HR management teams and expert consultants, and demonstrate their initiative and creativity. The Committee evaluates all aspects to consider for carrying out the project and its viability.


In order to maintain the motivation of our teams, K-LAGAN organizes series of activities during the year a that allow us to know each other better and relate beyond work.


In response to our commitment to the society and environment, in K-LAGAN, besides being socially responsible in our daily life, we have included a Solidarity Day in our agendas, in which the whole team develops a joint activity together.

In this section you will have access to more information about our activities.

Do not miss it!


At K-LAGAN we bet and invest in ongoing training for our employees. We believe it is the only way to maintain our level of service quality and encourage our team to be proactive and creative in finding new solutions and services.

Our clients and ourselves, we face new challenges every day. The current situation requires us to be able to adapt flexibly to changes, and one of the keys to achieving this is to renew our knowledge constantly.

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