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K-LAGAN Sponsors The HP CodeWars Student Competition

K-LAGAN sponsors the HP CodeWars student competition

The purpose of this second edition of the competition is to promote scientific and technical vocations among young people.

The European Commission has placed squarely upon the table for years the need to promote among young people the scientific and technical vocations and STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) since reports warn that the key is to train citizens capable to actively participate in the society of the future and at the same time ensure the competitiveness and growth of our economy. At K-LAGAN we are sure of that and that is why this year we have been keen to support this initiative by sponsoring the HP CodeWars student competition.

Over three hundred Catalan students between 13 and 18 years-old participated on Saturday March 5 at the second edition of HP CodeWars student competition in Europe, organized by the Hewlett Packard (HP) group in its international center of Sant Cugat (Barcelona).

This program aims to arouse interest in science, innovation and technology, strengthen these disciplines from school to promote scientific and technical vocations among young people.

Students competed on teams of 3 students, they shared only a single computer with the aim of fostering teamwork and English was the official language used throughout the competition. Teams had three hours to solve thirty problems requiring code creation, programming and also was necessary to use different programming languages to solve them.

HP CodeWars competition was first held in Houston 18 years ago. It is considered an authority among education circles in the US and Barcelona is one of the hosts of the European edition of this project.

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