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K-LAGAN Solidarity Week

K-LAGAN Solidarity Week

In 2018, three k-laganers will devote a full week to a solidarity project.

2018 begins strong as far as solidarity is concerned and, as Karim Gandara already announced during his Christmas Dinner speech, K-LAGAN will grant this week to 3 k-laganers in an act of support for solidarity.

We are already receiving the first requests from k-laganers interested in participating and we are evaluating some very interesting projects on which to collaborate. We will inform you about the ongoing process.

In addition to this innovative initiative, we will be participating in some of the projects we have been collaborating with over the last few years.

As we have already told you from the KLG Channel and our social networks, during the past year, we have continued to fulfill our strong social and environmental commitment. We have participated in important actions and, most importantly, we have demonstrated, once again, that the K-LAGAN team is committed.

We started 2017 by launching a new proposal and enrolled a team of volunteer k-laganers in the Magic Line, a large solidarity mobilization in favor of vulnerable people organized annually by the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation.

The central event of this mobilization is a non-competitive solidarity walk, organized into teams to promote the involvement based on an economic challenge to be achieved before the walk. We lacked some time to achieve the goal of 300 euros that we had proposed from the Foundation, but our brand new team did not miss the appointment and toured the proposed 10km route as a way to alert society of the need to collaborate and work for the people who need it most.

Just one month later, and for the fourth consecutive year, K-LAGAN joined Earth Hour, the biggest global initiative in defense of the environment led by WWF and a call for everyone’s mobilization and action in a constructive way in defence of the Planet. This year, under the motto “Planeta First. Let nobody stop you”, we encourage all k-laganers and our followers throughout the web and social networks to join this great movement and make it unstoppable. This year, on March 24, we will also turn off the light at 8.30 pm. So, come on… We are counting on you!

Our Solidarity Corner at the Madrid and Barcelona offices was also active this year to collect school material and computer material for the children and young people of the Soñar Despierto Foundation. Many of you participated by approaching the offices and contributing your part. Both the material you donated and the computer equipment provided by the IT department of K-LAGAN have already been distributed to the shelters for children who needed it.

For his part, our general director, Karim Gandara, personally dedicated his summer vacation to a solidary trip with his family to collaborate in an orphanage in the Republic of Benin. A stunning and unforgettable experience that, in turn, has given it the strength to launch the great solidarity initiative this year: to grant a solidarity week to 3 k-laganers.

We could not forget the main action of our solidarity plan: the Solidarity Day. This year 100 k-laganers joined this great initiative to collaborate with the Baix Llobregat Delta Consortium in the rehabilitation and environmental protection of two of the beaches of El Prat de Llobregat (Roberta beach and Remolar-Prat beach) as well as the Pineda de Can Camins.

Throughout the year we have continued to comply with our agreement with the AECC (Spanish Association for Aid Against Cancer) by disseminating information on prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles to help reduce the impact of diseases such as cancer in our society. Our new head of Quality and Prevention of Occupational Risks, Alicia González, has worked intensively since her arrival to plan new and interesting healthy initiatives. Stay tuned!

We wanted to close the year by encouraging all k-laganers to participate in the Gran Recapte d’Aliments. In previous years we have participated in collecting and classifying food. On this occasion we proposed that the k-laganers who wanted to collaborate find the nearest collection center to their home and a few decided to join the challenge. For his part, Stephane Rodicq, Senior Consultant and Strategic Adviser, who had already participated in previous editions, wanted to sign up this time as well and tells us that: “The experience was fantastic and I made more friends! Being able to collaborate in a supermarket near my house has allowed me to build friendship with my neighbors. It was great to see that a lot of people were very willing to participate.” When asked if he will repeat next year he does not hesitate for a moment: “Yes, of course! And I encourage the rest of k-laganers to participate again next year. This year we had very few participants and this made other volunteers have to work more shifts. Buyers are very willing to collaborate, but it is often necessary to encourage them. That is why the work of the volunteers is crucial.”

Anne-Laure Doublet, Senior Business Manager of the Tatooine Division, veteran of the Gran Recapte and with four editions behind her, did not want to miss this year’s event and tells us that: “The experience is very enriching on a humane level, as well as for social and human-relations in general.” This has been the third year she has participated with her 11-year-old daughter, who, with her best smile and the question “do you want to be supportive and help the food bank?” approached the buyers to encourage them to collaborate. Anne-Laure would also encourage all the k-laganers: “Because I believe in the cause (with the Gran Recapte operation the food bank feeds 250,000 people for 3 months) and because I want society to be every day less selfish and, for that, everyone has to contribute their part. And at the level of education, because I believe that our children learn more by seeing what we do than by listening to what we say. That’s why my 11-year-old daughter has been participating for 3 years, and she also invites her friends to do the same.”

Both Stephane and Anne-Laure, as well as the rest of those who have been actively participating in the Gran Recapte for a few years, will repeat next year and hope that those of you who have not been able to do so this year do it, because you will not regret it.

Are you ready for a 2018 full of solidarity?

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