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K-LAGAN On The Beach

K-LAGAN on the beach

During the summer dinner of the Barcelona team, we enjoyed a refreshing flyboard show which impressed all the attendees.

On Friday, the 16th. of June, the K-LAGAN team in Barcelona welcomed the arrival of summer with a cocktail dinner on the terrace of the El BOO Restaurant.

The sea breeze and the incredible views across the Mar Bella Beach provided some relief from the intense heat and accompanied us throughout the night.

Following the aperitif, a refreshing flyboard show brightened up the evening and impressed all the attendees with a huge seven-metre long banner congratulating the entire team on K-LAGAN´s 10th. anniversary.

K-LAGAN also wanted to provide two k-laganers with the opportunity of enjoying the unique flyboard experience by drawing two packs among all the attendees present.

Having a great time at work and jointly enjoy celebrating success, this is one of K-LAGAN´s main goals. In this consultancy and technological engineering company which one day, ten years ago, decided to create a different business model focused on people, the top priority is to promote social benefits, training, professional career development and, of course, teambuilding and events to celebrate the entire team´s successes.

Many thanks to all the k-laganers who came to enjoy this dinner. And we expect you all for the next event in September. Do not miss out as Solidarity Day is just around the corner!

Check out the photos of the event on our Facebook page.

Do you also want to be part of a team that rewards hard work and enjoys celebrating successes? Check our job offers and send us your CV. We´re expecting you!

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