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K-LAGAN Madrid On A High

K-LAGAN Madrid on a high

We celebrate our second year at our Madrid Office on the Gymage terrace.

K-LAGAN celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017 and just two years ago we opened our Madrid office. We will not deny that it was hard at the beginning and that growth has been slow. But as Karim Gandara, Managing Director of K-LAGAN announced at the beginning of year, one of the main bets for 2017 was the consolidation of our office in Madrid and we are working hard to achieve this; our efforts have enabled us to close the first half year with very good results.

The 10th anniversary has brought us summer events for some of the cities in which K-LAGAN is most active. Zaragoza enjoyed a thrilling karting session, Barcelona celebrated their traditional summer dinner and in Valencia they will have to solve this evening a mystery in a room escape .

Madrid cannot go without a mention, as the team had plenty to celebrate. So,  yesterday, Thursday 29 June we enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the original Gymage Lounge Resort terrace in the heart of the capital. On this Madrid rooftop our k-laganers had the opportunity to discover the city from a different point of view and share a very special evening together with their other colleagues.

The fantastic atmosphere and the energy of the k-laganers who attended the event, contributed to raising the temperature of a surprisingly fresh June night.

In addition to the remarkable growth of the business in recent months, one of the major successes of the Madrid team has been the launch of the APP Yurnee , aimed at gay travellers. We could not have chosen better time to celebrate our Madrid dinner, right in the middle of gay pride week in which the multi-coloured tide flooded the city.

Congratulations to a great team!

Check out the photos of the event on our Facebook page.

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