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K-LAGAN Healthy Company

K-LAGAN healthy company

We are committed to health and we’re going to launch an action plan to promote healthy lifestyles among our employees, their families and society in general.

Health promotion in the company is one of the major objectives set out in the WHO Global Plan of Action and at K-LAGAN we intend to work towards healthy business model. A model developed in an action plan, through which we’ll promote and protect the health of our workers with the aim of creating a state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being.

Within the framework of our plan, K-LAGAN has signed a new partnership, this time with the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC), to become part of their Solidarity Company program. One of the main actions to which we have committed with AECC is to spread information on healthy habits and, therefore, in turn prevent disease (such as cancer). That is why, every month, we will contribute to communicate information about different topics related to prevention.

This is just one of the actions that K-LAGAN promotes under the slogan of the campaign “SALÚDate“. “The Fruit Week”, “the Smokeless Week”, exercise sessions at work, self-evaluation health questionnaires or let workers share their own healthy recipes through our internal magazine, are some of the actions planned for this year.

However, K-LAGAN already has long been working in the welfare of their workers. Our offices in Barcelona have a relaxing area in which k-laganers can play ping-pong and even sing or play an instrument at the musical corner.

In February we shared internally some general recommendations for improving daily habits and thus contribute to a healthier life, which now we also share with you all.

Click here to see the recommendations of AECC.

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