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K-LAGAN, Emotion, Fun And Adrenaline

K-LAGAN, Emotion, Fun and Adrenaline

The k-laganers give their best in the team-buildings of 2018.

We have completed this year’s round of team-buildings by city. The teams from Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia enjoyed the different activities we had organised.

The teams from the Tatooine and Naboo divisions made their debut in Barcelona, with an exciting Magic Workshop, performed by the magician Carlos Fortuna and, on the other hand, an exciting session at the Paintball Indoor in Barcelona. Regarding this activity, Marcos Vélez, a K-LAGAN consultant, explained to us: “I considered the paintball activity great, not only due to the fact that I was there with all my adrenaline and having targeted some bosses, but because it was something different and new to do as a group, with all the fun and rivalry it entails. Of course I would recommend it and if you tell me to repeat it, I´ll be right there, as I love the taste of painting in the afternoon :P”

Madrid was the next stop for these exciting team-buildings and the team from our office in the capital faced the dangerous puzzles of the Hermetic Escape Room. Amaya Fírvida, a K-LAGAN consultant, who was present at this event & who will be leaving for Guatemala in a few weeks to participate in the Solidarity Week, wanted to share her experiences in this activity with us: “In this type of activity, there are always three focuses: get to know the team, work as a team and have fun. All three focuses were more than achieved. As to the first one, I had the opportunity to meet face to face with my colleagues from Madrid, although the meeting was short, we were able to exchange impressions. The teamwork goal was largely achieved. We managed to organise ourselves, regardless of whether we were consultants, managers, HR… and we all contributed with ideas, lines of action and managed to solve the mystery in a very acceptable way. And, best of all, we had so much fun, we laughed, and we put ourselves to the test. I got nervous, I really got nervous with uncontrollable laughter. I would love to have more time to interact with everyone, as well as with the teams from outside Madrid.”

A few weeks later, the Zaragoza team also wanted to face the puzzles of the Clue Hunter. From what we hear, there were lots of laughs and funny anecdotes that were unforgettable. Our consultant, Jessica Redrado, commented to us: “The activity was great, we had a wonderful time. I’ve only been with K-LAGAN for a short time and I don´t know many people, however, we all got along very well, and we were able to form teams to initiate the competitive environment we would face a little later. Everything was so much fun in the Escape Room, we were very well organised and this enabled us all to come out of there as winners! The truth is that it was very much a fun activity and I would recommend it to anyone. Of course, I would repeat it in any other activity which is offered!”

And to top-off this year’s round of team-buildings, the Valencia team had fun during a bowling session. Rodrigo Pérez, a K-LAGAN consultant, wanted to give his opinion at the end of the activity: “It’s always good to meet up with the K-LAGAN team and all the more for a team-building like the one we experienced. The experience was a lot of fun, from the conversation we had over lunch, to the duel on the track, and above all, the atmosphere was very good, as usual during these activities. A curious fact to mention is that the entire bowling alley was reserved for us, something never seen before! So, from what I’ve seen, I’m sure that the upcoming events won’t disappoint, thank you team!”

We are already looking forward to summer dinners in Barcelona and Madrid. We will keep you informed in detail!

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