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K-LAGAN Christmas Dinner

K-LAGAN Christmas Dinner

A galactic premiere for the 2018-2020 Plan

The spectacular, rotating hall of the El Xalet de Montjuïc restaurant hosted the K-LAGAN Christmas Dinner on December 15th.

The celebration of the 10th Anniversary surprised the 160 k-laganers present, who enjoyed the views, the show, the awards, the dance … and the “special” atmosphere seen throughout the evening.

After the welcome, Karim Gandara, Managing Director of K-LAGAN, presented the 2017 results and the main strategic lines of the new 2018-2020 Plan. After the speech, a team from the headquarters surprised the audience with a Men in Black-style dance, further charging animating the atmosphere. During the dessert, the great actors from Improshow filled the room with laughter with their improvisations.

Unmissable, and especially this year, a “Yoda” gift was awarded to the four most senior K-LAGANers. Awardees were: David Artés, Víctor Jiménez, Abel Martín and Carol Cervelló. Also, as announced last year, 1.000 euros was awarded to the best project idea shared by Sergio González. In addition, the emblematic K-LAGAN Awards were presented. This year the KLG Prize for Communication was disputed between: David Godayol, Mauricio Dellavalle, Sergio González, Jennifer Rodríguez, Esteban Retuerto and Joaquín Moreno (the winner). The nominees for the KLG Commitment Award were: Miguel Martín-Forero, Antoni Tovar (winner of the 2016 KLG Communication Award), Carlos A. Teruel, Amira Franco, Argimiro Pino and Àlex Álvarez (the winner). And, in the last category, for the KLG Customer Orientation Award, the nominees were: Ludovic Bret, Ángel Gutiérrez, Argimiro Salvador, Andreu Lligades, Wilmar Cabrear and Pablo Expósito (the winner).

On this special night an unmissable galactic draw was also held where an Apple Watch was offered as a third place gift, an Iphone X in the second place gift and as a spectacular first place gift: a trip to New York for a week for two people.

More than 10,000 euros in gifts and prizes to celebrate, as it is deserved, the 10 years of K-LAGAN.

Our sincere congratulations to all winners and nominees.

The actors of Improshow returned to surprise the attendees with a hilarious final performance, giving way to the photobooth of photos and gifs and endless dancing. This year, we also prepared the “after”… as to what happened in Opium, only those who stayed know what happened.

As always we have reserved a selection of the best pictures of the Christmas Dinner on the Facebook page of K-LAGAN. We hope you like them and have fun remembering so many warm moments.

Happy Holidays!

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