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K-LAGAN Action

It is an initiative that frames all solidarity actions, with the aim of:
  • Promote commitment to our environment
  • Be aware and main actors of a sustainable future
  • Encourage participation and involvement in the Solidarity Projects of our people

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Time bank

We started this initiative at the time of confinement due to the Covid19 crisis. The Time Bank is a platform for solidarity collaboration that was born out of the need of many K-LAGAN people who wanted to help and did not know how to do it.

The people of K-LAGAN fill our time bank with hours of solidarity.

The actions are directed towards the K-LAGAN (employees and family) community, specifically groups such as NGOs, associations, or society in general.

Some examples that have been implemented:
  • Manufacture of protective visors as part of the Makers community for the fight against coronavirus
  • Technology Webinar
  • Mindfulness courses
  • DiY Activities
K-LAGAN Action is the
umbrella of actions
solidarity K-LAGAN

Solidarity day

There are already eight editions of our “Solidarity Day”, one of our hallmarks.

K-LAGAN organizes this meeting with its employees every year with the firm intention of making their commitment to society and their environment a reality. Each edition alternates social issues with environmental issues.

During these years, they have done everything from raising awareness of the problem of plastic for the health of our oceans, cleaning beaches and rivers, to fitting out shelters for children at risk of social exclusion or spending a day with these troubled kids at an amusement park.

It is a great day where we all meet together with the sole reason of carrying out a solidarity action as a team. And the experience is Wooow!!! All of us who make up K-LAGAN are always shocked by the difficult realities that we encounter and it is always comforting to be able to help and become aware.
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Ubuntu Team

It's the K-LAGAN volunteer team. Anyone who wants to promote, propose, participate in a much more active way in the most supportive actions, is welcome to the team.

It is made up of people from all locations, technologies, corporate services... They meet regularly and decide the various activities that the volunteers will put their energy into throughout the year.< / div>

History of Ubuntu

An anthropologist was studying the manners and customs of a tribe in Africa, and being always surrounded by the children of the tribe, he decided to do something fun for them. He got a good portion of sweets from the city and placed them inside a basket decorated with ribbons and other decorations and then left the basket under a tree.

Thus, he called the children and coordinated a game, which consisted in that when he said “Go”, they had to run to the tree and the Who first grabs the basket would be the winner and would have all the sweets exclusively for himself. The children proceeded to line up, waiting for the agreed signal.

When he said “Go”, immediately all the children held hands and ran together towards the basket. They all came together and began to divide the sweets, and, sitting on the floor, they ate happily.
The anthropologist went to meet them and indignantly asked why they all had to go together, when one of them could have had the full basket.

< / div>
That's when they replied: UBUNTU, UBUNTU!! How could only one of us be happy if all the rest were sad?

UBUNTU means: "I am what I am because of what we all are"

Other actions

K-LAGAN also does many other little things that help socially. Among other actions, it is worth highlighting:

SCHOLARSHIPS: We have awarded a scholarship for the studies of a young man who is part of the Foundation Soñar awake (foundation that helps children nationwide who are at risk of social exclusion).

Christmas letter: We also participate with the Soñar Despierto Foundation in the letter of Kings of the children who belong to the foundation so that no child stays without your gift at Christmas.

FEM: We support the initiatives of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, such as participating in the “An Apple for Life” campaign or offering training with K-LAGAN experts for their labor inclusion programs for patients with this disease.

Food Bank: Donating food at the end of the year.

Donation of merchandising elements: Mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, to different associations and NGOs.

WOMEN'S RACE: Participation with our runners in the Women's race, a solidarity race whose objective is to help breast cancer research.
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