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We are looking for talent and dedication, proactive people, with a positive attitude, who are full of energy, who fight to reach their objectives and who enjoy working in an environment full of challenges and opportunities.

If you want to work in a company that is committed to the common good and that is committed to a creative and innovative approach, which values the team spirit, honesty and trust… don’t think twice about it.

We’re expecting you!

We listen to you

We want to know what motivates you, what aspirations you have and what type of projects you feel more comfortable with in order to offer you the best option.

We understand you

We know that a professional relationship works two ways; that is why we also want to give you the best social benefits, the best continuous training and a long-term contract.

We adapt to you

We follow your development within each project and we adapt to your needs at every moment. We organise various events so that we keep in contact!

What our HR team say

“At K-LAGAN not only are we seeking to find the best professionals, but also to accompany them in their professional development.”

“K-LAGAN is the place where the professional careers are made into a reality. We are looking for the best and we work to offer our staff exciting challenges and projects which fill their careers with motivation, growth and pride.”

“At K-LAGAN you will have the opportunity to work on projects with a high technical component and with the most innovative technologies on the market. Besides this, you will be working both nationally and internationally and as a result propel your professional career.”

“At K-LAGAN we have the ability to look at things from the candidate’s perspective; we know what they need and what they expect from their professional career.”

What our k-laganers say

Stephane R.

“What really attracted me to K-LAGAN was the fact that in one single company all my professional worlds were covered."

Stephane R.
Javier D.

“In the more than 4 years that I have been part of K-LAGAN I have enjoyed being part of a great working environment surrounded by great professionals and the best colleagues... I hope there will be many more years to come!"

Javier D.
Guillem Bonamusa

“The love that the K-LAGAN team puts into its work is what encourages me to get as involved as I do in this project."

Guillem B.
Antoni Tovar

“The two meals and the Solidarity Day are spectacular, I have the opportunity to collaborate with the company through the magazine and the Blog, and there are many solidarity actions which take place, in addition to the Solidarity Day, in which the workers ourselves can get involved."

Antoni T.

“What I like most about K-LAGAN, apart from the team spirit is that they have made it possible to have a schedule in which I am able to study and work at the same time. I can reflect on what I study in my work and I know that if I have any doubts my colleagues can teach me, not just the theory but with real examples, in my situation this helps a lot."

Laia B.

And if you still have any doubts...


During the time you have been getting to know us, new projects have come up which you might be interested in…


Surely you know someone who may also be interested in our offers.

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