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“I Do Not Think That Solidarity It Is Something To Show Off, It Is Inherent In Us”

“I do not think that solidarity it is something to show off, it is inherent in us”

Antoni Sellés, Chrome Plating Quality Supplier, “K-LAGAN allows me to be a part of several solidarity activities and this is something I value very much”.

Winner of the KLG’s “Commitment” award, Antoni Sellés, a 45 year-old father of two children, superior industrial engineer, has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to get involved since joining the company in June 2014.

Expert in chromium plating processes for the automotive industry, Antoni has been working for over a year advising and offering support during plastic chromium plating processes, resolving quality issues that may arise during the phases of development of different auto parts.

Before completing his studies in Engineering, Antoni started in the employment sphere doing various manual tasks (mechanic, electrician, blacksmith …) in family run companies related to the Automotive Sector. A baggage that will be useful later for him “to better understand all processes in more detail “. He later joined a glass cooperative, where he introduced his first ISO as a quality coordinator. Experience that, together with his subsequent incorporation in the development plant of injection, painting and assembly of plastic parts for automotive industry, Lab. Radio, SA first as a Product Engineer and later as a leader of an automotive project, were “essential to my training as a Product Quality Engineer.”

His professional career continued with the establishment of his own Engineering company, INGELTEC, in which “I carried out many projects optimizing processes and working methods related to sheet metal stamping, injection molding, painting, plating and assembly, in addition to training at companies and lectures at Universities”. His work in INGELTEC was recognized by the City Hall of Valencia becoming a finalist in the “Valencia emprende” awards in the category “Best entrepreneurial business management.”

Partly driven by the economic crisis and other family matters, he left the activity at INGELTEC and returned to the automotive industry as a Quality Engineer and a Project Manager at Matrival group, where he quickly assumed the role of Engineering Director. Later, after a brief foray as a Quality Engineer at Ford Company, Antoni was attracted by KLG’s proposal of joining its team “the selection process and the first contact with KLG’s HR department and my managers were crucial in joining this project.”

The driving factor for the initial motivation was, he explains, “the possibility of applying all the knowledge acquired until then in terms of product quality in the project in which K-LAGAN allowed me be part of.” Furthermore “I also realized that the company already had highly trained professionals in its workforce who I knew were doing a very competent job there.”

Since he joined our team, Antoni has demonstrated his commitment and responsibility not only in his daily work in the company, but also in all actions and activities that take place in K-LAGAN. Thanks to his commitment we have expanded business and met new highly qualified professionals, in addition to strengthening our contribution as a company to solidarity actions. For all these reasons, he received the KLG’s “Commitment” Award to which he modestly responds: “I was very surprised to receive the award for commitment, I am still unable to summarize what I’ve done to deserve it.” “Bringing the best professional people I know to K-LAGAN and helping the company grow in the market, does not imply any extra effort for me, on the contrary, it is a pleasure to do it.”

Likewise, Antoni prefers not to give details of his solidarity involvement as he believes that “Solidarity is part of everyone’s human condition and it is not something you have to show off.”  However, he highlights being very satisfied with the warmth and teamwork that he has found in the company: “K-LAGAN allows me to be part of several solidarity actions and this is something I value very much. It is not always possible to share affinities or values with the company you work for, but in this case I have been able to do so.”

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