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How To Cope With The Huge Demand For ITalent?

How to cope with the huge demand for ITalent?

Is technology changing our lives? Without a doubt! For some years the technological world has been growing at a dizzy rate and there are more and more companies that have become fully digitalised. In the IT sector, according to the latest data, there is an unemployment rate of -120%; causing it to be the driving force of many economies in the world.

Given the current situation, it is important to take into account two aspects of great importance and significance within the sector:

  1. Technological projects should be long term ones and be in constant renovation. The technology sector is one of the most volatile sectors, both regarding the professionals available and in the resources that are used. The curious thing is, that what today is considered a language/framework/innovative tool, tomorrow will be obsolete; therefore not only is the expertise and know-how of the professionals vital, but also to be able to detect their learning capacity and potential.
  2. In the past the professionals used to stay in the same company for many years but now there is an increasingly greater staff turnover. A good IT professional receives a daily average of 6-8 e-mails, calls or LinkedIN invitations containing new career opportunities. In the majority of cases they no longer come to companies looking for a career change, but rather the companies themselves search out technological talent. Being aware of this scenario, it is important to explain why we want the professional to form part of our team, what we can offer them as an added value and what makes us stand out from the rest. This goes beyond the salary they will be paid.

When it comes to contacting a potential candidate, motivating them, saying “it’s an ambitious and innovative project” is of no use if we don’t accompany this with specific reasons showing why we consider it so:

  • Type of company/client in which they will get involved with initially
  • Project Structure
  • Architecture and Stack technology
  • Role which they will play
  • Importance of having them on the team

If we put ourselves in the professional’s shoes, we must take into account the above issues and be aware that in order to motivate a change we have to give all the details so they see our differential value as a company and how we will contribute to their professional development.

Written by Radu BretónRadu Bretón

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