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Guatemala Welcomes Our K-laganers With Affection

Guatemala welcomes our k-laganers with affection

Amaya, Toni and Jordi have already settled in and have adapted well to the new routines

As we already informed you, last Tuesday, June 5th., our volunteers of the K-LAGAN Solidarity Week left for Guatemala with great enthusiasm, however, somewhat concerned about the previous day´s news regarding the eruption of the Fuego volcano.

They arrived in the capital after a 13-hour flight, where Mr. Perfecto was already waiting to welcome them and entertain them with Guatemalan stories and curiosities during the trip to Antigua.

They were warmly welcomed by Patricia on their arrival at the house where they have stayed this week.

During the first morning, they had the opportunity to thoroughly explore the charming city of Antigua. In the afternoon, they were introduced to the school project within which they have mainly performed their contribution as volunteers during this period. On this occasion, they spent some time with the children and gathered information on the nature of the educational reinforcement and the activities they would perform.

On Thursday they wanted to spend the morning helping out in the area affected by the volcano. As Amaya reported to us that day: “in the school project, a group of mothers prepared some tamalitos (corn cakes filled with beans, rolled up and wrapped in banana leaves) which we will deliver today to the people helping in the rescue mission.

Furthermore, Amaya stated: “we’re fine, we’re delighted that K-LAGAN has provided us with this opportunity. Here in Guatemala it is said that we are “rayados”, which means we are very fortunate.

Jordi informs us that on Thursday, they spent the entire day helping in the village of Alotenango, which is located the closest, as far as is permitted, to the volcano of Fuego. “We unloaded provisions, clothing and food. We sorted and classified it. We were exhausted, however, very satisfied with the work we performed.”

Regarding the people, Jordi tells us that “they are all very charming and the culture is very rich”. And informs us: “Friday is dedicated to the school project, for which we will install some very old computers donated by a company. Afterwards, we will have lunch in the town and spend the afternoon with the boys and girls.”

However, we’ll tell you about that some other time.

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