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Future Begins TODAY

Future begins TODAY

Karim Gandara, the managing director of K-LAGAN, provides an overall review of 2016 for K-LAGAN and presents the main strategic lines for 2017.

In the year in which K-LAGAN celebrates its 10th anniversary, it is necessary to stop, look back and enjoy everything lived, learned and worked for. The company was born in the middle of the economic crisis and from then until now with the effort of the whole team has not stopped growing, transforming, and improving. 2016 has been an example of overcoming the difficulties that have allowed us to achieve a good pace of growth and lay a solid foundation for the future.

Karim Gandara, Managing Director of K-LAGAN, explains with satisfaction the results obtained this 2016 “We have closed the year reaching a staff of about 200 professionals who have helped us achieve a 28% growth and 9M € turnover thanks mainly to 70% growth in technical assistance, reinforcing the engineering division and the acquisition of more than 30 new clients.” And he concludes: “These figures reflect the hard work we have done this year to strengthen our procedures, services and corporate image.”

Therefore, the K-LAGAN team has come to 2017 reinforced, with batteries well charged and ready to leave everything well prepared during this year to develop plan 3 “Our people, our responsibility” in 2018.

“Our priorities for 2017 are to reach a turnover of 10M€, to hire about 100 new professionals, to promote new ideas and projects of our workers, and, above all, to continue working under the quality criteria of ISO 9001-2015 and to develop our business model: professional, personal and solidarity.” adds Karim Gandara.

As mentioned, this is a particularly significant year … we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of K-LAGAN! “We face this tenth anniversary betting strongly on the consolidation of our office in Madrid, as well as on product development, both ours or the client’s ones. We are already developing our own App’s and electronics products that we will launch in the coming months.”

Contributing our bit to the society is an important part of the DNA of K-LAGAN; it has been like this so far and will continue with more strength, if possible, in 2017. In this sense, Karim Gandara explains, “our philosophy and strategy, are based on commitment at all levels. Commitment that we acquire with our professionals, their development, growth and well-being; with our customers and the quality of services provided; but an essential part of everything we do is focused on helping to reduce the inequalities and injustices we see. We believe that there should be a change in business and social mindset to help create a better and fairer world. And, in this sense, we are committed to lead it and in 2017 we will continue to do so.

We have experienced a very intense 2016 in which we have done an incredible job that has allowed us to close the year with good results and better forecasts for 2017. This will be our year 10 , a year of transition towards excellence.

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