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Fun And Sports In Zaragoza

Fun and Sports in Zaragoza

Our team from the Aragon capital enjoyed a go-karting session last Friday.

Gené Karting of Zaragoza hosted a team-building event on Friday June 9th for our team of k-laganers.

A real go-karting race, with a classification and a final stage which ended on a luxury podium: Carlos Romero who was winning throughout the race, came in third position, however, after colliding with Sébastien Gilbert, our key account division director, he lost two positions. Ángel Martínez came in the second position and the new brilliant winner of the race was the Galician Jesús Andrade, who is adapting so well to the Aragon capital, that he has even changed his accent.

Some of the objectives of the team-building activities are to enhance communication, motivation, as well as the team’s cohesion. In this respect, Anne-Laure Doublet, Senior Key Account Manager of K-LAGAN and head of the Zaragoza team, explains that: “I think it is very good to organise this kind of activity which encourages consultants to socialise outside of the work environment and to chat in a more relaxed manner.” Even more so in a consulting and engineering company like K-LAGAN in which most of our employees develop projects at the client’s premises and, although we are in constant contact with them, do not have the opportunity to share our day-to-day at the offices. For this reason, for the manager, it is an ideal opportunity to meet his team outside the professional environment and in a more informal atmosphere.

Anne-Laure, who enjoyed the activity more than anyone, has only good words for the Zaragoza team: “It is a charming team, which has known each other for a long time.” “Despite everyone working in different departments and enjoying little interaction in day-to-day work, everyone knows each other and get along very well”

We also wanted to know the opinion of two of the k-laganers who were present. On her behalf, Irma Quintana, Quality Engineer, believes that it is very important for K-LAGAN to organise this type of event “as it is a way to facilitate the breaking of the ice between the partners. You participate more and form a team and this is very important to feel part of a company.” Additionally, she confesses: “We had a great time. I admit that I didn’t enjoy the first race very much due to the tension, but after learning how to handle the curves, the second race was really fun. I went from tension to competitivity” and adds ” It is an activity that features a significant sense of challenge and is also a lot of fun. I would love to repeat it to improve my racing times!”

Diego González, Process and Methods Engineer, also wanted to tell us about his experience: “I loved the experience, I had never gone sat in a cart before and I was looking forward to it. Adrenaline rises on the racing track, I never thought I would get hooked on it. It seemed like an F1 GP, with its blue flags and the final target. Of course, I would repeat it, I would love to try other tracks and longer rounds. I really could have stayed the whole afternoon circling the track.”

There is no doubt that team-building activities are a great opportunity to integrate the teams and which the employees enjoy so much, and the latest one, organized by K-LAGAN in Zaragoza proves this very well, however, success is only achieved thanks to the efforts of each one of the persons who are part of the team. And in this case, all of them are just great.

What about you, do you want to be part of this amazing team?


You can see a selection of photos from the karting event at the Facebook fan page of K-LAGAN. Do not miss them!

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