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Earth Hour

Earth Hour

With the motto “Uniting people to protect the Planet” K-LAGAN joins again this great movement to make it unstoppable.

For the third consecutive year, K-LAGAN joins “Earth Hour”, the largest global initiative in the defense of the environment led by WWF and a call to mobilize and act constructively in defense of our threatened Planet.

That is why, we hope that all of you will once again participate and spread this message and, on March 25, from 20:30 to 21:30, turn off the light as a gesture to alert about the need to take measures that definitely stop climate change.

With the motto “Uniting people to protect the Planet”, Earth Hour 2017 wants to encourage the whole society to join this great movement, to make it unstoppable and to avoid any reversal.

2016 has been the warmest year since 1880. And since the beginning of this century, each year has beaten the previous temperature record. Climate change is already evident throughout the planet and especially in regions such as the Arctic. But at the same time there are reasons for optimism, on 4 November 2016 the Paris Agreement to curb climate change has come into force. This global agreement marks a turning point and the beginning of a major global transition towards clean and low-carbon development economy.

Great strides are already under way and are the proof that we have started a one-way street. To raise awareness of the need to continue working and to encourage to accelerate these changes, K-LAGAN will join the next 25th of March to the hundreds of millions of people, companies and entities around the world that together with WWF will demand urgent action for the climate.

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