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Decisive Factors When Facing Professional Change

Decisive factors when facing professional change

When we start a job search process, the first thing to identify is the reason leading us to look for a change:

Are we going to change companies to do the same job?

Are the reasons purely economic?

Is there no possibility of growth within our current organization?

Once we’ve identified the main reason, we can start the job search with greater guarantees that the new job will go in the expected direction.

Once decided on change, although it may seem obvious, it is essential to have an updated CV, or in its absence, a carefully curated profile on our professional social network. Having a well-developed network of contacts will allow us to access information (training, job offers, discussion forums, bibliography … etc.) that can provide us with ideas, knowledge and contacts. In summary, this will give us a greater vision of the area or sector to which we desire access.

Following with the CV, it might be tempting to exaggerate on our curriculum in hopes of increasing the chances of accessing the desired position. But let’s be realistic … in the best of cases, in the first interview your true level of experience will be detected, and in the worst case, and once working at the new job, the lack of experience will be fully exposed. Instead of resorting to exaggeration, why do we not focus on demonstrating other qualities we possess to face the requirements detailed in the offer? Once again, it is necessary to direct effort to better knowing ourselves, what we expect and what we can contribute.

Another important aspect when weighing the idea of ​​a job change is economic expectation. It is not my intention to reduce relevance to this aspect, since it is one of the most valued elements in a job, however, we must be careful when putting economic conditions as the main reason to change. When we’re looking for a change… is it purely an economic issue? Obviously, it could be the case that the answer is yes, however, there are most likely other reasons included: a more attractive project, further development possibilities or a better work environment. These three, without discounting other potential reasons, may prevail over a primarily economic interest, since the probable improvement of economic conditions is associated with finding a company with the above-mentioned characteristics.

In companies like K-LAGAN, where we offer a wide variety of projects, employees can easily aspire to advance their careers and explore new jobs or sectors. In these cases, factors to be taken into account, in addition to internally informing the company of expectations, would be the same.

When we can clearly establish reasons for wanting professional change, have an honest CV or an updated profile in professional social networks in relation to our experience and capabilities, wouldn’t you then think, that in the medium-long term, the result of the change could have a much more positive impact?

Written by Xavier MoragregaCristina Moreno

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