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Connecting With The Planet

Connecting with the Planet

On the 24th March K-LAGAN will switch off the lights for Earth Hour

This year at K-LAGAN once again we have decided to “turn off the lights and connect with the planet” because we are participating, for yet another year, in the global initiative Earth Hour promoted by the WWF.

In 2017 thousands of cities in 187 countries around the world participated in Earth Hour turning off more than 12,000 monuments and iconic buildings, uniting citizens, companies, local authorities and institutions.

Four years ago K-LAGAN decided to join this great global symbolic gesture that aims to grab our attention regarding climate change and its consequences. Four years in which we have worked to improve our energy efficiency and sustainable lifestyles, during which have carried out actions for the conservation of the environment and in which we have contributed to raise internal and external awareness on the importance of combating climate change.

Increasingly higher temperatures, prolonged droughts, extreme weather phenomenons… The effects of climate change on nature and the loss of biodiversity are already very apparent, for this reason, K-LAGAN will be turning off its lights on the 24th March between 20.30 and 21.30 in support of a Living Planet.

And, from here we would like to ask you to also participate: “Turn off the lights and connect with the Planet. You have many reasons to do so.”

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