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We created K-LAGAN to bring our experience and to offer different ways to work, to connect and to evolve. And we are getting there! We have been successfully growing for over ten years thanks to our employees, clients and partners. Every day, together we are committed to achieve more results, more success and more productivity.

Karim Gandara
Managing Director of K-LAGAN

With over 15 years of experience in the industry and deep knowledge of the European market, we decided to create K-LAGAN in 2007 to bring a different perspective, a new way of working and offer our customers and employees what they need in order to look to the future with optimism.

Our philosophy is to improve ourselves every day and always go beyond of what is already established, think without limits and question what is done in order to provide MORE.

And this vision works! We have over ten years of continuous growth. In the middle of the crisis we have convinced many customers and hired the best engineers for each sector.

We aim to stay on this path, and to do so we will continue on with effort, conviction and hard work.

We are becoming leaders of the market through our innovative ideas, our flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of our customers.

Between the crisis and the constant changes of the time, we know that there is no such model that can be applied for life. Therefore, we must continually reinvent ourselves to not become obsolete, especially in this competitive world.

We think differently, our priority is to ensure that the projects work out well: your project is MY project.

For that reason, we are constantly in a process of improvement and pursuit of excellence, what allows us to develop not only our company but also the services we offer our clients, always fulfilling the applicable requirements, without forgetting about the most important element for any work we carry out: our professionals.

Our employees are the cornerstones of the organization and, therefore, our commitment is to invest in them and take care of them both professionally and personally.

Since K-LAGAN was born, we have achieved great professional challenges. The quality of our work, our technical knowledge, our global reach and our comprehensive view of all market sectors allow us to work in integral projects increasingly important. Thus, we have managed to grow and evolve responsibly, from technical assistance to the creation of a specific engineering department through which we promote our R&D and develop own products that we offer our customers and society in general.

All those who are in our network of influence, whether workers, suppliers or clients, share a common project: responsible, solidary and respectful to environment and society.

Together, we will achieve more results, more success and more productivity. This is our goal and what keeps us motivated every day.

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