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How we work

We are a company that looks to the future. We focus on the professional career of our team: Training and the possibility of growth.
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We are a company that listens and looks to the future. Our challenge is twofold: the satisfaction of our clients with the professional evolution of our team.

Our projects are projects of high technological interest, which allow our staff to grow and our teams to strengthen day by day by sharing synergies.

Something really remarkable about K-LAGAN is the entire monitoring system that we carry out periodically and in a planned way, both on the evolution of the project and on satisfaction of our clients, as well as of our consultant in the project.

We understand that an excellent job is only done when all the parties involved feel comfortable, in this way we also achieve a low staff turnover and act with agility in the face of any particularity that present the project.

Ultimately, we focus on actively listening to the needs of our clients (adapted solutions) and on offering a true professional career to our team (training and the possibility of growth).
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Our tracking system

HR Follow-Up
  • In the first month and a half of your incorporation
  • A second follow-up will be carried out 4 months after your incorporation, a third when 9 months are completed, and then annually since the last follow-up
  • Detect the fundamental skills, abilities and attitudes to develop and establish an action plan to achieve their professional goals within K-LAGAN
Follow-Up Service
  • Every 3 months
  • Have customer feedback on their work and have important information about project evaluation
Performance Evaluation
  • Each year
  • Career evolution
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International scope

At K-LAGAN we have an international culture and more than 15 different nationalities coexist within our staff. Our professionals contribute their deep knowledge of the different markets, which allows us to work, above all, with Spain, Germany, France, UK and Portugal.

K-LAGAN has offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Paris and Lisbon.

Thanks to the geographic location of our headquarters in Barcelona, ​​one of the most attractive European cities for the technology sector, from where we centralize our business, we have a privileged position that allows us allows us to offer our professionals real opportunities for mobility and professional growth in any country in the world.

We have the ability to adapt to the culture of our clients and achieve the level of demand and quality that they need. Our international presence allows us to be close to companies, accompany them in their internationalization processes, have contact with highly qualified professionals from anywhere in the world, offer billing facilities and very competitive rates.