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Career plans

What do you want? Where do you want to go? These are two of the questions that you will constantly come across at K-LAGAN. We care about your career, your professional evolution.

Career evolution and training plans

What do you want? Where do you want to go? These are two of the questions that you will constantly come across at K-LAGAN. We are concerned about your career, your professional evolution.

We will only grow and become better if our people are. That is why the professional development of our staff is essential. Not in just any way, but with future perspectives, with the idea of ​​being the best in terms of management, technology, innovation... Because only in this way will we be able to GROW and BE a high-performance team.

At K-LAGAN we bet and invest in continuous training for our staff. We believe that it is the only way to maintain our level of quality of service and to encourage our teams to be proactive and creative in the search for new solutions and services.

Our clients and ourselves face new challenges every day. The current situation requires us to be able to adapt flexibly to changes, and one of the keys to achieving this is to constantly renew our knowledge.

Training plans

At K-LAGAN we adapt to the needs of our staff, working on both theoretical and practical content from different general and technical training.

Our strategy is to provide the appropriate means for the development of professional skills and the necessary attitudes to have. The objective of this is to professionally update and develop the technical capacity that each job entails and provide each of our workers with greater satisfaction in the performance of their work.

Each worker, whatever their professional level, must understand that training is an integral part of our company culture and be aware of the need to permanently improve their knowledge and skills.

That is why at K-LAGAN we are committed to providing those training actions that can demonstrate an improvement in the development of a current or future project, and additionally, provide to the greatest number of workers in the company for their own benefit.

Evolution of your career

Remember that at K-LAGAN we are committed to developing your CAREER EVOLUTION and taking you where you want to go, and training it is an essential part to achieve it. For this, we also offer the following mobilities that will be easier for you to access by correctly guiding the training:

  • VERTICAL Mobility: Upwards within your professional career. You probably need more technical knowledge and SoftSkills, but we'll help you with that.
  • HORIZONTAL Mobility: An equivalent position, but in another department.
  • GEOGRAPHIC Mobility: We move! Where do you want to work?
  • Mobility to CORPORATE SERVICES: What if your new project is to work at K-LAGAN headquarters? Let's go for it!