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“At K-LAGAN I Know I Have More Opportunities To Grow”

“At K-LAGAN I know I have more opportunities to grow”

Anna Rita Melosu, Test Engineer: “The philosophy studies have opened my mind and have affected my ability to analysis as a QA tester”

The smile and charming of our winner of the KLG’s “Commitment” award 2015, Anna Rita Melosu, is recognized and appreciated in all K-LAGAN’s departments, divisions and teams. Graduated in philosophy, by chances of life finally fully enters into the field of QA testing.

Born in a small southern village of the Italian island of Sardinia, Villamar, she has had from an early age the urge to go out and travel to where the circumstances bring her. She began her path by leaving Villamar to move to the island’s capital, Cagliari, to study the degree in philosophy. Why philosophy? “I was with no particular destination in mind until I fell hopelessly in love with Platonic thought while also the extraordinary mind of who laid the foundation of all science, Galileo; and between them they took me towards the path of the history of science and philosophy.

Upon graduation, she realizes that philosophy fills her soul but not her pockets. With nothing to lose, she embarks towards her next destination: Barcelona. Once here, she soon gets a job and learns a new language, Spanish. She makes a debut in the finance sector, working as a Business Specialist in customer support and training for new employees for the Italian market in the company Citibank. After a year in the company, it is this same firm who takes her to another country: Slovenia. What appears like a stay of just three months is extended to three and a half years, time she takes to get to know the country and its neighbor Croatia.

Over this period in Slovenia, the company opens an IT department and that’s when, from scratch, begins her training in testing. An experience that reminds fondly “learning together with my colleagues an entirely new modality for us while we put it into practice, and how we helped each other, it was a very rewarding learning both professionally and personally for all“.

After the three and a half years, she wants to get back to Barcelona and, in February 2012, a friend put her in contact with a consulting firm where she can continue his career in the world of testing working as QA Test Lead Consultant for XEROX.

Working as a QA tester in K-LAGAN is but another of the coincidences that life has offered her. As she funny explains, she fails to enter in K-LAGAN until after several attempts “since I came back to Barcelona I sent you my CV several times with no luck … until finally one day I received a call from HR department and then I decided, although I was quite upset with previous experiences in consulting, come to try his luck.” And is that since she joined the K-LAGAN’s team, Anna is one of the more active and proactive k-laganers, always collaborating and participating in all the activities and initiatives that arise. In terms of business she has not hesitated to propose partnerships with her network of contacts and has had very clear from the beginning that “in K-LAGAN I have more opportunities to grow than in any other company that has proposed me to work with them“.

For all her enthusiasm and involvement with the company, she was the winner of the KLG’s “Commitment” award 2015. When she received the prize she looked nervous and excited at the time, because, as she well says “I do not like at all to be the spotlight… I did not expect it! I was excited and didn’t know what to say at that time, but now, think about it calmly, I can assure that the fact of receiving the award has made me feel part of something and to know that the people around me appreciate my efforts. In KLG I feel good and that is why the commitment I have with the company is a natural consequence.

In her day-to-day, Anna works in analyzing and testing countless features, but what exactly is the process that a QA tester follows? We know it is quite difficult to describe it but Anna dares to do it: “the customer defines us its requirements and, based on them, each of the functionalities are established and each one of them has a number of user stories where the acceptance criteria are applied for a good development. We proceed to analyze the user stories and preparing test cases logically identifying the preconditions, conditions and the expected results. Once developed (the project we are working now is developed in India), we manually execute the functional tests (run test front-end over an application site used by the final customers) and while the acceptance test lasts, the bugs and gap are reported. It works on releases (here a month each one) and finally, when you have tested all functionalities with positive results, rising in production is accepted. And all of this always working under an agile development.

From the good feeling she had in the first interview until today, it has been almost three years. Although it seems hard to inquire into Anna’s personal life, one of her hobbies is obvious for anyone who has met her in any activity or celebration: dancing salsa. “I love the feeling of adrenaline rush and disconnection when I’m dancing salsa. The joy that gives me is total. Relatively speaking, this feeling of well-being that causes me dancing salsa, somehow reminds me what Plato said in his old days that happiness is something that perhaps the man will never get but what makes him happy is the continued attempt to reach it.” She also feels a great devotion to the cooking. Italian cuisine, to be precise. She has two star dishes: lasagna and tiramisu; and she tells us that she will be delighted that someday we taste them. In fact she proposes us “with so many colleagues in K-LAGAN coming from different countries, we could organize a multicultural cuisine competition, with Karim acting as ” Chicote“- she jokes”. Finally, she speaks about her weakness for the whole universe of zombies. She is a freak of all the TV series and movies about this genre, and is eager to see the chapter on the new season of The Walking Dead.

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