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“All Companies Should Be A Little More K-LAGAN”

“All companies should be a little more K-LAGAN”

Antoni Tovar, senior IT consultant: “I am committed only to workable projects that can be done”

It does not take more than half an hour, to realize that chatting with Toni is like talking to a lifelong friend. A close, calm person, who does not hesitate to contribute everything he can to the projects in which he embarks, and K-LAGAN is one of them. His KLG’s “Communication” Award, received at the last K-LAGAN Christmas Dinner, confirms this.

It would be a mistake to ask Toni what he does referring only to the professional aspect of the question. Our KLG’s “Communication” Award winner, fills his life with four great passions: his family, climbing, computing and solidarity projects. And it’s not difficult to combine these four facets when you are quite aware how you will manage your interests, your time and your dedication to the projects that really matter, and Toni is clear on the fact that: “I am committed only to workable projects that can be done”. Simple, wise and sensible, this is Toni’s methodology to achieve its purposes, both in a personal and professional level.

Born in Tarragona, Toni studied technical and systems computer engineering to later deepen doing courses in databases and ITIL methodology. For him, the student’s training period has not yet ended and will not end “right now I have in mind to carry out a course of Management and another one of Agile Methodology and, later, who knows, I’m sure some curiosity will come up.”

His development in the field of IT has always been linked to the computer science progress “Once I finished the career, I started as a freelance programmer and teacher in a computer academy for all ages, from schoolchildren to older people who wanted to start learning how to use a computer at a time when computing was beginning to democratize itself”, recalls Tovar. In ’94, he started working in the banking sector with the first generations of host and IBM computers and the first database servers “during my years in Caixa Tarragona I made the transition from working with a monolithic central computer to using an infrastructure of 350 servers of all types”, says Toni. When the merger of Caixa Tarragona into Catalunya Caixa took place, Toni thought it was time to set up his own business with a partner and created a cloud services platform called “MyDenta”, specialized in services for professionals in the dental sector. After three years, the project did not quite take off, an opportunity to join K-LAGAN’s team came around and he accepted.

After a year in K-LAGAN, Toni feels very satisfied with his choice. “Over the time I’ve been here, I’ve realized that everything I was told when I entered is true. It’s not just a nice speech, it’s also authentic. The two dinners and the solidarity day are spectacular, I have options to collaborate with the company through the Magazine and the Blog, and there are many solidarity actions, in addition to Solidarity Day, in which, as workers, we can get involved”. But he didn’t expect, at all, to be the winner of the KLG’s “Communication” Award, “when they said my name I was in shock. I do not know what I said on the stage… I was speechless. It was a great SURPRISE, one of the many that K-LAGAN has offered me.”, adds Toni gratefully.

“I have my family amazed at everything I tell them about K-LAGAN. The other day, I showed them the K-LAGAN corporate video and textually they said “We wish it were true!” And I corroborated them that they must have no doubt that everything said in the video is true. That all companies should be a little more K-LAGAN”, he tells us.

Besides being involved in the corporate and solidarity actions that we carry out in K-LAGAN, Toni is doing an excellent job in the project he develops near his home: “We are developing an ECLIQ product of electronic keys that can be used from anywhere. What we want is that a locksmith can sell locks and electronic keys in an accessible and safe manner.”

Toni has been alternating his career as a computer scientist with the development of different solidarity initiatives at a personal level. He collaborates with an Organization of Solidarity Actions with Africa “CASA”, a joint project which it intends to carry out starting and ending actions. “So far we estimate that thanks to the actions we have carried out with the association, such as taking material to an Ethiopian hospital, pay the price of an operation plus the displacement and stay in the clinic; renovate houses and water wells, etc; we have been able to rehabilitate between 60 and 70 children suffering some illness.” Another solidarity project in which he joined, was the “GR Solidari”. “It is an attempt to bring a sporting challenge and a solidarity challenge together. Together with 3 other colleagues, we toured the stretch GR 92 between Barcelona and Tarragona with the purpose of raising funds so that children with disabilities could do two years of hippotherapy classes. It was a great pride to see so many people supporting the initiative!” He has even participated in an expedition to the Himalayas to open a new route to Cho Oyu without oxygen and vindicating the freedom of Tibet.

As you can see, Toni’s commitment has no limits. In his DNA, as well as in the K-LAGAN’s one, there is the desire to contribute with small great actions to make this world every day a little better.

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