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Easy KPI Monitoring

Easy KPI Monitoring

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Most departments have valuable metrics and information that could be easily shared with other coworkers, but the effort to set up the necessary infrastructure might push back such initiatives. Today, we will share an open-source tool that allows to create informative dashboards in a very simple way.

Introducing: cyclotron (

After cloning their github repository ( and configuring the prerequisites (a mongoDB and node.js on the host machine), cyclotron will provide you a simple interface to define your own dashboards.

Easy KPI MonitoringEach dashboard contains one or more pages that will cycle regularly, and each page is made from a group of «widgets«. Put it simply, a widget is a single element that will be rendered to a graphic, table, or the element of your choice.

Easy KPI MonitoringA widget feeds from a single datasource. The above image, extracted from the sample dashboards included with the application, shows different types of charts that render the output gathered from the JSON response on . You can easily set up a dashboard that shows your team’s current effort in a sprint, for example, reading the data available from your ticket tracker.

Data sources can be parsed after query via javascript methods, giving you flexibility to filter and transform the results. Cyclotron reads JSON endpoints along with ElasticSearch (, Graphite ( or Splunk ( requests.

Easy KPI MonitoringCyclotron has a easy configurable interface, empowering you to customize the information board with your specific needs. As a specific type of data or representation might not be available, pure HTML and Html-table frames are available, to embed and arrange data calls or use third-party elements.

With very little effort, this application can become the toolset that can boost the visibility on your Business Intelligence.


Written by Álvaro G. Cachón

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