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Droidcon DE 2017

Droidcon DE 2017

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Comming back from Droidcon Berlin 2017, I would like to share my experience. This was my first Droidcon, in fact my first software conference.

I went to Berlin hopping to meet Android gurus, gaining a lot of knowledge, rediscover everything. The fact is that, the gurus where there, the knowledge was there and a lot of new ideas where presented, Yeah! But only two days!! Not nearly enought time to absorb so much knowledge. Not even with the sketch tricks we learned with Chiu-Ki Chan in the barcamp.

So i didn’t become a rockstar in two days 🙁 but it doesn’t mather, Chiu-Ki Chan explained us how to become experts, I got the tips, now is time to work on it.

I thought there will be a lot of people talking about kotlin and how better it is, difunding the word of kotlin… And again, I was wrong, there where some talks about change to kotlin, but mostly, people are already using it, it’s not an option not knowing kotlin anymore. Most of the presentations about architecture, libraries, android APIs where in kotlin. Learning Kotlin… more work to do.

There is a strong trend to use MVVM with the Architecture Components from Google. Althought they are in beta people are trusting them in their apps, we all know google, Betas are forever 😉

Sina Yazdanmehr talked about fingerprint authentication in banking apps. And I’m working on an Android app that has fingerprint authenthication!! Mandatory talk for me, and very instructive. I think we get some tips to present to the bank security team. At the end is their call, so no actual work here, nice!

Then there is Android Things, and Jake’s Whathon reptilian nature aside, I would have love to enter the Android things workshop, it was a pitty they had so few places. Anyway Gautier Mechling talk about android things was very funny, one of the best. And yes, now I have to dig into the closet, found my old arduino gadgets, connect a raspberry pi… and be a maker, o came on, more work again?

So to sum up, I really enjoyed the experience. The talks, the people, the technology, IFA next door… I didn’t become a rockstar and I ended up with a lot of things to work on, study, analyze, try… but who am I fooling? I’m a nerd I will enjoy that too, maybe even more.

Written by David Godayol

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