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It is a known situation among the industry standards that, as time goes by, the interest of some of them appears to be focused more on building walls than on getting their initial objectives. Thus, some good intentions finally pervert to become a expensive universe of norms, management and design rules. That means a huge mountain to climb for any company from outer space . Instead of that, and being nowadays a complex set of practices, AUTOSAR has revealed itself a powerful tool aimed to increase the quality, safety and overall control of automotive software development. This post is an easy-to-understand approach to the main highlights.

AUTOSAR is a standard that defines a common architecture concept to be used in the automotive industry. AUTOSAR divides a software solution in two main blocks: Application and Basic Software (BSW) which includes drivers, handlers, communication stacks, OS, diagnostic services… These 2 blocks are interfaced by the RTE (RunTime Environment). As AUTOSAR does not allow communication between Application layer and BSW out from RTE, application gets completely independent from HW, operating system, drivers… This is the strength of this set of practices. And the result is not only isolation and control but as we will explain, quality and safety.

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Written by Jesús Valdivielso

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